Organic Audience

Welcome to the Future of Audience Targeting!

The Challenge

Publishers face a common problem – generic audience segments that fail to set them apart. Advertisers often find similar segments elsewhere, impacting the value publishers can offer. Our solution? The Organic Audience Creator.

Our Solution

Our groundbreaking machine learning algorithm transforms a publisher’s website data into unique, organic audience segments. Unlike traditional methods, this approach leverages the publisher’s owned data, creating exclusive audience sets for advertisers. No more generic segments; just distinct, high-value audiences.

The Output

Discover the power of unique audiences:

The Benefits

Unique, data-driven audience segments for impactful advertising.

Genuine insights for strategic decision-making.

Tailor content to meet and exceed audience expectations.

How it Works

Transfer your data to BigQuery.

Our Organic Audience Creator analyzes your data.

Receive unique audience segments tailored to your platform.

Additional Features

Include additional data points for richer insights.

 Works with GA4, Adobe Analytics, and various data types.

Score segment membership for targeted advertising or

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