Data Strategy

92% of businesses are increasing their investment in analytics, big data, and AI, but less than a quarter of leaders can use data to make decisions.

We understand that the first critical component of success is aligning your data strategy with your business.

Be Data works with organisations to define their data strategy and bring it to life, whether the objective is building deeper connections with customers, creating new opportunities to monetise audiences, or evolving into a business that puts data at the heart of its decision-making.

Data Engineering

Rapid advancements in technology create unprecedented opportunities for businesses, but this doesn’t come without risk.

Be Data’s experienced team develops technical solutions that translate data strategy into robust, scalable architecture. Our engineering team focuses on generating value quickly, simplifying technical complexity, and integrating data across all parts of the organisation.

Data Analytics

With an ever-increasing amount of data available, the challenge many businesses experience is how to use it to generate a return.

Once we’ve established the objectives of our client’s strategy and developed the proper technical requirements, Be Data ensures our clients activate their data effectively through audience segmentation, predictive modelling, reporting and visualization, and advanced analytics and machine learning.